“Having clean kitchen grease filters helps to reduce fire risk, air pollution and downtime. How often do professional caterers have time to notice the build-up of grease, let alone do anything about it?”

– Ian McKay – MD, Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality and former Chef.

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Did you know…

Grease build up is a major cause of fire in commercial kitchens

Kent Fire & Rescue found that 70% of fires in commercial kitchens originate in faulty extract ventilation systems due to build up of fat and grease.

Improper cleaning can invalidate insurance policies

If you were to check your insurance policies, you will find a clause that states any fires due to uncleaned kitchens will not be covered in the policy.

Keeping Your Business Clean

Whether you operate a commercial kitchen in a hotel, pub or golf club, a fast food chain or manage multi-site workplace restaurants, Just Filters can help you to keep your establishment running smoothly.

Stay Compliant

We will arrange a filter exchange schedule to meet your insurance obligations and environmental health requirements.

Save Money

We provide a second set of filters free when you sign up with us; doubling the life of your equipment at no cost to you.

Save Time

Let us do the job that your staff hate, at a time that won’t disrupt your food preparation.