Food Hygiene Ratings – Top Tips for a Top Score

The Environmental Health Officers (EHO’s) who visit will assess what rate to give your business based on seeing evidence of compliance, in relation to the regulations for kitchen and food hygiene. It isn’t sufficient for staff to be able to say the day-to-day practice in your business. It’s vital that they are also knowledgeable about what’s been documented as evidence of your maintenance schedules, policies and procedures. If everyone in your kitchen or management teams is aware of this and knows where to find all that evidence, next time you get a visit from EHO’s, your team can boost the chances of a high rating.

With Just Filters’ professional services, every customer is given a certificate to prove that filter cleaning maintenance is regular. It’s accessible if you’re on the move, in electronic format via an app. In the hopefully unlikely event of any kitchen fire, your insurer’s loss adjuster may use it to rule out one cause; the build-up of grease in filters.

It may be that your team is working hard on daily safety and hygiene, but your kitchen still isn’t meeting the EHO’s expectations for a five-star rating. Take guidance from your local EHO office if you are unsure what else you can do, within your available space and budget, to improve or maintain the highest possible rating.

As a starter, make sure your Food Safety Management System (FSMS) is up-to-date and everyone knows what is expected and required of them in terms of daily inspections, checks and documentation. You could try creating a spot-check test for employees to make sure that they are able to find and show evidence of how they maintain a high standard of kitchen health and safety hazards. It’s important that staff can explain and demonstrate to the EHO their knowledge of being up-to-date (and that’s why the Just Filters app is so popular; it’s providing important evidence at the touch of a button).

When making your routine checks of your establishment, make sure that you’re really checking. Don’t put a tick of compliance where one isn’t deserved. If your own standards haven’t been met, ask why, establish the cause of the problem and take all reasonable practical and staff training steps to address it.

Just Filters can help you to eliminate two major risks in commercial kitchens, poor air quality for staff and customers, and fire caused by a build-up of grease. This simple service helps to keep your kitchen environment cleaner, safer and running efficiently.

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