Remember, remember or schedule it in!

With Bonfire night around the corner, here at Just Filters, we thought we’d share our knowledge on why so many restaurants, hotels and other commercial kitchens catch fire every year.

The overarching cause of duct fires in commercial kitchens is almost always neglect. The neglect to schedule a regular clean, and a neglect of the inspector failing to catch the risk.

Grease from cooking fumes rise to the range hood, most of this should be collected by the filters. However, if the grease gets through the filters it will condensate on the surface of the interior of the range hood and ventilation system. Without proper cleaning and with more cooking and grease being produced the filters’ performance becomes less and less effective putting a massive strain on the ventilation fan.

Chefs and kitchen staff are generally speaking responsible for cleaning all surfaces nightly, but the filters are often not touched. Grease collected over a period of time is harder to remove and cleaning by hand wouldn’t remove all the grease. This would mean that the filter is only cleaned on the surface, remaining an unpredictable ignition point. This can potentially lead to a hard to control fire at any given moment, risking the lives of staff and clients present.

Furthermore, any in-house cleaning will not be independently recorded as required by most insurance policies. Failure to keep an auditable service record could lead to your insurance not paying out after a devastating fire.

Unfortunately, in a business with so many risks and unknowns, fire is a liability many chefs and managers sometimes forget about — until it’s too late.

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