Room to breathe?

Let's face it - good ventilation is vital in any working kitchen.

Of course there are occasional miscalculations of cooking time (ok, you burn things too!). That's when you need it most. But even everyday jobs can produce a lot of smoke, steam, or some pretty pungent odours. That's particularly true if, for example, you work mainly with fish or seafood. It's also true for all kitchens where you fry foods at a high temperature. Your hard-working kitchen team deserves clean air they can actually breathe in safely throughout their shift.

Air quality in working kitchens is becoming an important concern in occupational health and safety. A respected scientific study a few years back showed that in many kitchens the levels of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in particular were well above acceptable limits. The build-up of grease in filters can also gradually reduce air quality. Unsurprisingly, good staff will not want to work in these conditions for long.

Are you compliant?
As you know, the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 call for “effective and suitable ventilation" in every enclosed workplace. That includes kitchens, "which need ventilation to create a safe and comfortable working environment.” Failure could get your business shut down - but it's also important just to ensure the welfare of your team. Over time a poorly ventilated kitchen could leave them with irritated eyes and breathing problems. Not to mention rising stress levels that may affect the standard of their work, their safety and, ultimately, their choice to remain working there.

Ventilation only stays good when the grease filters get regular cleaning. As dirt and grease build up they become increasingly inefficient. Let's face it - deep cleaning filters at the end of a long shift is no one's favourite job. The cleaning process itself may involve risk, if working at stepladder height, and with industrial cleaning solutions in use, it’s especially risky for less experienced workers.

Luckily Just Filters provides the answer: a regular deep cleaning service for your grease filters. There's no hassle for your team, and no kitchen down time. The filters are simply removed and replaced with clean ones in a matter of minutes.

Result? Better, cleaner air. A safer kitchen with happier staff that more productive.