Why can’t we just clean our grease filters in-house?

Well, technically you can. However, there are multiple reasons why that isn’t a great idea.

Let’s start with removing the filters and cleaning them properly. You’ll need to work at height, handle harsh chemicals and put in some serious manual effort to get them back into top condition. Do you really want to be spending your working hours (or even doing unpaid overtime) doing an industrial clean?

Perhaps you’ve tried putting grease filters through your dish washing machine? Most machines will need to “repeat wash” several times to get the filters really clean, so it’s a false economy in the long run because that also reduces the life cycle of your machine.

What’s more, the harsh detergents used in most commercial dish washers will gradually corrode the metal on grease filters, rendering them inefficient and, ultimately, unsafe. Partially-corroded filters reduce the air quality for your kitchen staff and won’t remove all gas emissions safely. When grease isn’t being absorbed effectively by a filter, it can build up and cause a fire hazard.

Let’s say you are prepared to invest time and effort to work out the correct cleaning methods in-house. Your insurer will want to see evidence that you have 100% safe working practices and are fully compliant with ongoing maintenance measures that reduce all risks. Increasingly, insurance policies specify within the small print how frequently you must change your filters in order to be compliant. If you ignore that and later experience a fire, they may not pay out on your insurance claim.

Our customers gain access to a personalised online portal, where they can print off copies of all certificates, to prove the date we exchanged and/or installed fresh filters. Our customers don’t even need to call us or remember it’s time for a filter clean; Just Filters provides a complete service for them.

We offer a free trial so if you’d like to see how you can benefit from working with Just Filters, do get in touch.