Why Food Hygiene Ratings Matter to Your Customer and to Your Business

Are the scores important, and do they matter to your business? The answer is yes, they do matter, as recent research by Checkit (2016) revealed that 61% of consumers said they wouldn’t eat at any establishment that had a food hygiene rating of 2 or below.

Will your business be inspected?

The FSA Food Hygiene Rating applies to any establishments selling food directly to the consumer. The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is run by all local authorities in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. A similar scheme (the Food Hygiene Information Scheme) is run in Scotland, so depending on where you are in the country, you may be required to meet the standards of the FSA’s scheme. If you’re wondering whether this scheme applies to your business, contact your local Environmental Health Department to find out.

Who has access to the scores?

Used by more than 90% of UK authorities, the scheme is becoming an increasing contribution towards the overall success of an establishment. Although you aren’t obliged to display your Food Hygiene Rating Certificate on the premises at the moment, it is still out there on the internet for your customers, potential customers and the media to read.

With technology playing an integral part of today’s consumer decision making, it’s no surprise that there are now apps that can tell a potential customer what your hygiene rating is. In fact, on some phones, the food hygiene score can show up by simply pointing the device at the establishment! This sounds a bit scary, but in actual fact, your food hygiene rating shouldn’t be something you’re worried about people finding out, it should be something you’re proud to shout about.

What is the score based on?

The rating is from 0 to 5 where a score of 0 means ‘urgent improvement necessary’ and 5 means ‘very good’. Generally, there are three main criteria on which your score will usually be based. Firstly, your food hygiene and safety procedures and how well they are followed. Secondly, they assess the cleanliness and efficiency of your kitchen’s structure. Thirdly, officers assess your management standards with regards to food hygiene training and the accuracy and monitoring of the regular checks that should be carried out in-house.

How can Just Filters help?

Having high standards in a food business extends throughout all aspects of the service, from purchasing of quality foods from reputable suppliers, kitchen safety and excellent customer service. Having a rigorous kitchen safety management plan is one way to protect your staff, your customers and your restaurant itself.

We all know that proper ventilation of the kitchen isn’t just about ensuring cleanliness and good hygiene; it’s also about safety. When it comes to the correct cleaning of essential equipment, we are here to help you. The fully-trained expert team at Just Filters will remove your kitchen filters and replace them with clean ones in minutes, causing minimal disruption to your service team. The filters that are removed are then taken away for a thorough cleaning with specialist equipment and are stored safely, ready for when the next scheduled exchange comes around.

With Just Filters as part of your kitchen safety plan you can be confident that your filter cleaning is taken care of, leaving you to get on with the efficient running of your kitchen.

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