Why forgetting your filters could cost you your business

Filters? In a busy food operation you probably don't even think about them. They're just there, doing their job while dirt and grease slowly build up. After all, that's why you have them.

So - understandably - your team will just get on with the work that earns you all a living. Which will, of course, include frying and the use of naked flames.

But the longer you leave those filters, the more of a build-up there'll be. And with that comes an ever-increasing risk of disaster. Because it only takes a single spark to ignite the grease, and start a fire that could easily destroy your operation.

It might surprise you to learn how often that happens. But given that 57% of kitchen fires in restaurants result from issues with cooking equipment, it shouldn't really be a surprise. In just the last few years, fires in grease extraction ducts have caused major damage in (among others) Witney town centre, Heathrow Airport, and South Mimms services.

Not to mention the Hard Rock Café.

Their flagship London restaurant caught fire on the afternoon of Saturday 12 July 2005. It took eight fire engines and 40 firefighters six hours to get the blaze under control. About a quarter of the restaurant was destroyed, and 60 staff and customers had to be evacuated. It was five months before it reopened - and understandably, security and fire safety became a principal concern for the owners.

Worse yet, if you do suffer a filter fire, your insurance company may not be sympathetic.

If you can’t prove that you’ve been cleaning and maintaining your filters on a regular basis, insurers may well reject a claim for fire damage. Which could leave you with a very large bill - and quite possibly a business that simply can't recover. In fact it might be worth taking a look at your existing policy right now, and checking its exclusions. It's not unusual for insurers to demand 'regular deep cleaning' every two weeks or so.

Which, let's face it, is inconvenient and time-consuming.

The answer?
How about a professional cleaning service? A specialist team who will change your filters in a few minutes, replace them with clean ones, and then get out of your way.

If you'd like to know more, we'd love to hear from you - just call 01480 479 287 or drop us an email at info@justfilters.co.uk.